Jeru The Damaja X DC shoes X The Quicksilver Pro France 2016 FUN!!!

Jeru The Damaja took control of the streets of Hossegor, France on the 5th of October and the small surfers paradise will never be the same again. Dc shoes enlisted the help of the veteran Master of Ceremony to get the center of Hoosegor hype and that's just what he did. Standing on a big DC logo in front of the DC store, the Brooklyn native dropped gem after gem bringing the town to a fever pitch (as fever pitched as one can get it).

At one point it was so insane even the local youth got in on the act helping Jeru to pump up the crowd. By the middle of the performance the street was packed. Old ladies were throwing their hands in the air and waving them like they just didn't care, surfer chicks were reciting the lyrics to Jeru songs like they wrote them! Even city officials were getting their groove on.

After Jeru finished his set, he jumps on the turntables and starts dropping golden era hip hop classics, and the crowd goes wild!!!

To sum it all up it was a great time, in a great place with great people!

Photographs by David Manaud